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How you can help

Financial Support

The Estates created a trust in 1994, The Fleet and Swannery Trust, to support the employment of the wardening staff and to help with the conservation of the Fleet Lagoon, its unique herd of mute swans and its rare and threatened marine life. The trust also aims to attract funds for the numerous nature conservation and environmental projects carried out on the Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve and Abbotsbury Swannery.


A small team of volunteers support the wardening staff practically mainly to carry out work to manage recreational use of the Reserve and help with environmental tasks – litter picking and removing eye-sores.

Volunteers may wish to consider helping the RSPB wardens with the protection of the Little Tern colony situated on Crown Chesil, and the Dorset Wildlife Trust welcoming and informing visitors at the Chesil Beach Centre.

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