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Weather Data Recording

Since 2019 a live feed of weather data recorded from the Fleet at Abbotsbury has been available to view at the Weather File website.

Click on the links below to download archive weather data.

Weather 2020

Weather 2019

The charts (below), show some of the information collected from the weather station

Since 2018 the Reserve has been recording temperatures at various locations on the Chesil and Fleet. The temperature loggers record every 15 mins and are both in the shingle bank and the Fleet lagoon. This data along with weather data recorded at Abbotsbury is available to persons carrying out research on the Reserve.

Click on one of the links below to download archive temperature data.

Temperature Loggers 2020

Temperature Loggers 2019

Temperature Loggers 2018


Locations of West Fleet Data Loggers

CH01 – CH04 are all located in a protected area of the Fleet approximately 2.5km east of Abbotsbury. The map shows roughly where in the Fleet or on Chesil these loggers are recording.

Temperature can vary greatly depending on the substrate the loggers are situated in.

CH01 – datalogger in water on landward side of the Fleet
CH02 – datalogger in water on Chesil Bank side of the Fleet
CH03 – datalogger in Zostera strandline on Chesil Bank
CH04 – datalogger in shingle on Chesil Bank

AS01 – datalogger in water on landward side of the Fleet in the Abbotsbury Embayment (not shown on map)