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Species List

Fish found in the Fleet

Deep Snouted Pipefish

Deep Snouted Pipefish © Charlie Wheeler

The Fleet Lagoon is the largest saline lagoon in the British Isle, stretching over 8 miles in length. Numerous fish species have been recorded in the Fleet, either by research studies and/or general observations. This species list represents all known fish within the Fleet to date.


Fleet Fish Species

Common & Scientific Name

Bass – Dicentrarchus labrax

Blenny, Black-face – Tripterygion delaisi

                Tompot – Parablennius gattorugine

Bream, Black – Spondyliosoma cantharus

               Gilthead – Sparus aurata

Brill – Scophthalmus rhombus

Butterfish – Pholis gunnellus

Dragonet – Callionymous lyra

Eel, Common – Anguilla anguilla

        Conger – Conger conger

         Sand – Ammodytes tobianus

Flounder – Platichthys flesus

Goby, Black – Gobius niger

            Common/Sand – Pomatoschistus microps

             Rock – Gobius paganellus

             Two-spot – Gobiusculus flavescens

Goldsinney – Ctenilabrus rupestris

Lumpsucker – Cyclopterus lumpus

Mullet, Think-lipped Grey – Chelon labrosus

              Golden Grey – Liza aurata

Pipefish, Deep-snouted – Syngnathus typhle

                 Greater – Sygnathus acus

Pollack – Pollachius pollachius

Scad – Trachurus trachurus

Seahorse, Long-snouted – Hippocampus guttulatus

Shanny – Lipophrys pholis

Smelt, Sand – Atherina presbyter

Smoothhound, Starry – Mustelus asterias

Stickleback, Three-spine – Gasterosteus aculeatus

                         Fifteen-spine – Spinachia spinachia

Wrasse, Ballen – Labrus bergylta

                Corkwing – Crenilabrus melops