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Three years ago tomorrow, the 4th of February and again on the 14th of February 2014, the UK was hit by tremendous storms. A combination of very high tides, very low pressure and gale forced winds. Chesil Beach sustained huge driving waves as the storm surge pounded against the barrier beach. Overtopping it in numerous places, particularly at Chiswell and transforming the topography along most of its length.

An already mobile landmass, Chesil Beach was dramatically transformed by these one in 25 year storms. Storm Doris that is currently passing over the UK has not had the effect of these previous storms but once again the beach is being put to the test. Tones of shingle is being dragged down into the sea and thrown back on to the beach by these large waves and sometimes even over the top.

Not wanting to get too close, the images below were taken on a mobile phone at Abbotsbury beach today!

Storm Doris 1 web storm doris 2 web