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Scarlet Tiger moth 1The Scarlet Tiger moth seen here was spotted at Abbotsbury Swannery. Once a very common sight at the Swannery, you do have to be lucky to see the few that are present. In particular areas of the walkways by the reed edge, ‘swarms’ of this tiger moths would have been seen throughout July, but now only individuals are spotted.

June and July are the months to see this moth with its vivid red hindwings. This species of tiger moth is predominantly confined to south and west England and Wales.

The food plants of the caterpillar include; Common Comfrey, Hemp Agrimony and Hound’s Tongue. When they are larger the caterpillars can often be seen feeding on Common Nettle, Bramble, sallows, Honeysuckle and Meadowsweet.


Scarlet Tiger moth 3Scarlet Tiger moth 2