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Walking the Coast PathIt is a beautiful time of year to visit the Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve on foot and the South West Coast Path is a great way to enjoy it. The Coast Path, where you can enjoy views of the Fleet and Chesil Bank, heads westward from the Chesil Beach Centre at Ferrybridge all the way to Langton Herring. The path then goes inland, around the Abbotsbury Swannery and then on towards Abbotsbury Beach.

There are numerous locations along this route where pathways lead down to the Fleet shoreline. However, the majority of these paths are not permissive and it is strongly recommended that members of the public do not venture down on to the Fleet shoreline. The key reason for this is safety, the shoreline is made up of very soft sediments and the tides can be very unpredictable, the risk of becoming stuck can be a high possibility. The reserve team also strive to keep disturbance levels to a minimum, in order to promote the wonderful and unique fauna and flora in this area. Remaining on the designated path is the perfect way for you to help us achieve this.

If walking with a dog, please keep them on a lead or under close control, and please avoid the Fleet shoreline and intertidal areas, which are so important for feeding and roosting geese, ducks and wading birds.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable walk.