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Welcome to the Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve website. An informative hub dedicated to keeping you up to date and informed about this unique stretch of Dorset coastline.  
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Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve © Charlie Wheeler Photography

Please feel free have a look around. There is a selection of pages to browse through, just click from the drop down menu above. There is a ‘Gallery’ of images showcasing the varied fauna and flora of the reserve accompanied with a detailed ‘Species List’.

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Fleet Water Temperature – The “Compost” Effect

A series of loggers are currently deployed underwater in in the middle of Rodden Hive measuring temperature, light levels, salinity and water depth. There are also temperature loggers buried in the shingle on the landward side of Chesil Bank. The loggers require...

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Our Terns are back on the Reserve

Both species of nesting tern have now returned to the Reserve over the past few weeks. The Little Terns have arrived at the Ferrybridge end of the Fleet on the shingle within their usual colony site. The wardening team are now on site and the management of this unique...

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The Reserve in winter

With the current cold weather, the Fleet lagoon plays a vital role in providing shelter and food for thousands of water birds. Becoming relatively fresh water however, the western end of the Fleet is partial to freezing over. The images below shows  snow on Chesil...

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