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Welcome to the Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve website. An informative hub dedicated to keeping you up to date and informed about this unique stretch of Dorset coastline.  
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Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve © Charlie Wheeler Photography

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A busy time for all!

Even though there is an abundance of breeding/nesting activity occurring all over the reserve, with particular attention on the Little Terns, Common Terns and Mute Swans, it is easy to over look the vast variety of birdlife that utilise the many habitats that border...

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Reedbed Warblers

Reedbeds are a vital habitat for numerous different species of birds and when it comes to breeding birds, reed is an excellent site due to it's cover and protection from predators and the elements. The three warbler species that commonly nest within the reedbeds on...

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18 Year Old Return to Chesil

This Little tern was originally ringed in 1999 as a juvenile, by local ringer Steve Hales. In 2015 it was again caught by Steve and given a plastic Darvic ring XA1, as it still had its metal BTO, it could be identified as an original Chesil bird. This week, nearly 18...

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