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Welcome to the Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve website. An informative hub dedicated to keeping you up to date and informed about this unique stretch of Dorset coastline.  
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Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve © Charlie Wheeler Photography

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Early Signs of Spring

This Danish scurvy-grass (Cochlearia danica) is already in flower on the beach, a sign of change in the season to come. Danish scurvy-grass is one of the first plants to flower on Chesil. It is packed full of vitamin C and was once eaten by sailors to prevent...

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Almost three years to the day!

Three years ago tomorrow, the 4th of February and again on the 14th of February 2014, the UK was hit by tremendous storms. A combination of very high tides, very low pressure and gale forced winds. Chesil Beach sustained huge driving waves as the storm surge pounded...

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Kite surfers cause major disturbance on the Fleet

On a very blustery Christmas eve, a report came in of three kite surfers travelling westwards down the Fleet, continuing to travel around the bays at Moonfleet and Langton Herring. All of the birds that the surfers passed were disturbed and displaced, including the...

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