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Welcome to the Chesil and Fleet Nature Reserve website. An informative hub dedicated to keeping you up to date and informed about this unique stretch of Dorset coastline.  

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Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature Reserve © Charlie Wheeler Photography

Please feel free have a look around. There is a selection of pages to browse through, just click from the drop down menu above. There is a ‘Gallery’ of images showcasing the varied fauna and flora of the reserve accompanied with a detailed ‘Species List’.

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Storm Ciarán hits Chesil Bank

On the 1st November this year, Storm Ciarán battered the UK, causing widespread flooding and damage, with the south of England being the worst affected. Locally, windspeeds were recorded reaching gusts of 78mph and along Chesil Bank, huge nine metre waves crashed into...

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Common Terns and Black-headed Gulls

Common Terns Seeing a dramatic increase in the number of pairs after the major renovation of the Tern Island in the winter of 2021/2022 from 25 nests and 20 fledged in Summer 2021 to 100 nests and 120 chicks fledged in 2022, we were hopeful that they would have...

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Wheatears nesting on Chesil

Going back a long while ago, when I was involved in the protection of Common and Little Terns breeding on mid Chesil, opposite Chickerell and Langton Herring, Wheatears were being regularly seen on the beach from late March to the end of May. It was considered that...

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